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“The Dream Ranch is amazingly beautiful, magic has happened everyday and every moment since arriving. The heightened awareness and sensitivity, the expansion and authenticity is just mind blowing. I feel the shedding of a lifetime of experiences that have run their course and a rebirth of new experiences and adventures altering the way I choose to move forward. The setting here at the Dream Ranch has the most beautiful, majestic, comforting stillness, yet so much invigorating freedom---breathtaking.”

S.C., Leucadia, CA



“The Dream Ranch is a very magical and healing place. All you need to do is be and nature will take care of you to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. Everyone should come here once or twice a year to put our busy life on hold and experience what really matters: our Self.”
H.K., Encinitas, CA


Sacred Partnerships

Location: The Dream Ranch

Date:  June 24-28, August 5-9 and Sept 23-27


This is a week of courage, self mastery and self awareness. Come explore the wilderness by foot, mountain bike, horseback, or telepathy. This is a beautiful place to expand beyond your normal limits, access your inner strength and guidance. Connect with other self sufficient women, as we spend a week exploring our relationships with ourselves and the wilderness. Create Sacred Partnership with yourself, the land, and the horses.

Learn how shoot a gun or bow and arrow, how to pack a horse or mule, how to prepare for a day or overnight trip into the wilderness, how to track, start fires, and feel safe and prepared in the high country. Mostly how to feel GOOD!!! The ranch is solar-powered, off the grid and we recommend you take the opportunity to disconnect from the internet, Facebook, etc. for 5 days and allow your nervous system to rest and regenerate.

Possibilities at these camps include hot springs, hiking, fishing, hunting, (dependent on time of year) tracking, horse packing, trail rides, mountain biking, meditating, yoga, bodywork for humans and horses, conscious cooking and healthy eating.

Cost: $1,600 Includes 6 nights lodging and food, 40 acres on the edge of White Cloud Wilderness, 1 massage, 1 energy healing session, daily circle council, shuttle to and from airport, horses, camping and fishing gear, packing and camping gear, mountain bikes, and freedom to participate in any or all activities.

Send a deposit to secure a position - limited to first eight people. Credit Cards Accepted.  Sign up by May 15th or bring a friend for a discount!


Phone: (760) 447-0776




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