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"I’ve owned Galaxy for 5 years. After 5 years, I have never seen this horse so happy as he is at the Mystic Canyon Ranch. Being an ex race horse, Galaxy has had a bit of a tough time with life after the race track. We’ve battled behavioral problems, health problems, and everything else in between. I have worked tirelessly with Dr. Heather Mack, many other veterinarians and nutritionists to find the best option for this horse.
Summer of 2011, Galaxy took a turn for the worse, and a decision had to be made. I decided to retire him. We drove up to his new home at the Mystic Canyon Ranch. After a 19 hour ride in the trailer, Galaxy hopped off the trailer and took a huge breath. Like he knew he was home, stress free, and could finally breathe. Since his arrival, Galaxy settled beautifully. I left him a few days later, knowing he was in the best hands. Since then, I have received regular updates on him, and his life. I receive pictures, and of course am always called with any questions. This could not have been a better choice for this horse. The people, care and atmosphere of the Mystic Canyon Ranch and their program consists of nothing but the BEST. There really are no words to describe it. There really is no other place like it." Stacey Owens  Beverly Hills, CA



BE WELL RETIREMENT Retirement Packages - Balanced Equine Wellness

Give your horse the gift of living out the golden years like a real horse, moving around in open space daily in a herd, seeking the shade of the cottonwood, apple, and mulberry tress, drinking fresh water from the creek, grazing on natural grasses, herbs, and cultivated pastures, feeling the rhythms of the day with the changing light in the canyon, communing with wild turkeys, deer, antelope, and elk as they migrate through the ranch. We offer a very select and customized opportunity for your horse to retire with us and enjoy every day and every season at the Mystic Canyon Ranch.


$550/Month Includes:

-Dr. Mack 4x per year

-Dentistry 2x year

-Hoof care (shoes or trim) every 5-6 weeks

-24 hour access to irrigated grass pasture with natural shelter, 3 sided shelter in the barnyard, water and hay

-Blanketing as needed

-Natural fly care and prevention using masks and spray

-Full grooming at least 3x week

-Access to our stock of Zephyr’s Garden Topical Products

-Grain plan: soaked beet pulp and flax (all or some) safe choice, equine senior, cob, timothy pellets

-Daily wellness checks by our staff

-Local veterinarians on call and full equine hospital 1 hour away

Explanation of services:

        Treatment with Dr Mack includes, but is not limited to full lameness exam, chiropractic evaluation and adjustment, acupuncture, body work and stretching, Leg Saver micro current machine, Cyma Therapy, Rain Drop Therapy and Gemmo Therapy. Dentistry includes a full dental evaluation and treatment, and all sedation and medication.


 Sorrel stud-Bryon, appy mare-Sadie, grey gelding-Galaxy, and bay gelding- Cheerio



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