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Bandage Material:

-3M Purple Vet Wrap (3)   

-Brown Gauze (3)

-Standing Cotton Wraps (3)   

-Elastikon (2)

-Telfa Pads (3)

-4x4 Gauze Pads (1 baggy)

-Surgical Scrub Brush (2)

-Purple Gloves (3 pairs)

-Nolvasan Scrub (1 bottle)


-Arnica 30x (2dr)

-Arnica 1m (2dr)

-Ledum 30x (2dr)

-Apis 30x (2dr)

-Hepar 12x (2dr)

-Rescue Remedy

-Traumeel Gel

Hard Goods:

-Hoof Pick

-Bandage Scissors

-Digital Thermometer

-Staple Gun

-Staple Remover

-Steel Pail

-35cc Syringe

-60cc Syringe

Silver Lining Herbs:

-#25 Inf-X

-#17 Kolic Eaz

Zephyr’s Garden Products:

-Healing Salve

-Anti-Fungal Salve

ABC Products:

-Dy’s Liquid


Balanced Equine Wellness Products:

-Mystic Eye Relief

-Mystic Wound Wash

-Digest Well

-Tick & Insect Detteran


Holistic First Aid Kits

HOLISTIC FIRST AID KITS: We put years of thought, trial and error into creating these comprehensive holistic first aid kits. They are literally a "BAG FULL OF MAGIC!" A must have in your barn or horse trailer to cover the basics from colic to a laceration.

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