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May 3-5


Sept 6-8


This is a three day intensive course to empower you to take your health and your horse’s health into your own hands. In this era of environmental stress and over abundance of chemical toxicity, it is wise to have skills for keeping your horse healthy and alternatives to treating problems should they arise. Riders, trainers and horse owners will gain a solid understanding of how the horse works biomechanically and vibrationally. Attendees will also gain a comprehensive understanding of how to build a team of horse care- givers that creates self-perpetuating wellness and soundness in their horses. This would also give one an advantage in assessing horses for purchase or to take on in training, knowing how much or how little the horse under consideration might improve.
We will discuss biomechanics and habitual postures. We will consider riding or groundwork exercises appropriate to different horses’ postural adaptations. We will explore conscious grooming and stretching techniques, the therapeutic uses of essential oils on horses and humans. Dr. Mack is well known for pioneering “Equine Raindrop Therapy” She enjoys teaching this powerful essential oil treatment that enhances the immune system, alleviates spinal pain, can correct scoliosis, and generally invigorates the horse. If time allows, we will teach you how to “Raindrop” fellow humans too! Homeopathy, nutrition, supplements, deworming and vaccination considerations as well as holistic 1st aid are discussed. Exposure to various modalities of healing such as microcurrent, cymatherapy, infrasound, postural rehabilitation techniques, and healing meditations for both you and your horse are all possibilities in this course. Yoga, conscious language, focused intention, and healthy lifestyle tips are our daily practice in which you are invited to participate. This is a dynamic clinic, and we will clearly reveal how healing is a co-creative process!
If you are interested in hosting a holistic horse clinic in your area, we require an 8 person minimum and the clinic can be done in two days instead of three. Part of what happens in Idaho is about connecting with the energy of the land, welcoming the sunrise with Qi gong and prayer, observing the horses from the canyon rim, and enjoying the experience of staying at the Mystic Canyon Ranch.


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