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Equine Raindrop Therapy
by Dr. Heather Mack

Raindrop therapy is an excellent adjunct to any other treatment used to correct defects in the spine, minimize back pain and/or strengthen the horses’ immune system. Wellness can be achieved in so many ways, some people are more in tune with the plant essences, others may be more comfortable with micro current or sound therapy, and there are limitless possibilities on the path to balance and health. The fun thing about the oils is that they help you, the one applying them as much as the horse, and even barn mates or herd mates will benefit from inhaling the oils on their neighbor. If you have any calling to use essential oils on yourselves or your horses, I recommend you put equine raindrop therapy in your toolkit!

Back in the mid 90’s, I was shown three not so different methods of aligning the spine by three very powerful healers. All of these techniques involved essential oils, sometimes topical herbs, soft tissue work and some form of heat. My first two mentors were Native American shamans; Ishtalla a Lakota Sioux medicine woman in McCall, Idaho, and Tismal who shared his method of spinal alignment with me and a handful of other holistic veterinarians after hours at an AHVMA conference in St. Louis, Mo. A year later I was attending a seminar on the science and chemistry of therapeutic essential oils for M.D.’s only given by Dr. Gary Young in Scottsdale, AZ.   Volunteering to assist him in performing a raindrop therapy on a woman with severe scoliosis, I saw her spine shift to a healthier state in front of my eyes!  I looked up at Dr. Young and exclaimed,” I want to do this for horses.”  He looked me right in the eyes and said “Good, you should.”  So I prayed and meditated, asking for more guidance about how to apply the technique and came up with a protocol, even made a video, and it is high time for a second version because through the years there have been variations on the theme depending on the individual being treated. The most important part of this story is that the universe kept calling my attention to these techniques and I listened. Thousands of horses’ have benefitted, I even hear from folks in Dubois and Africa relaying success stories about Equine Raindrop Therapy.

 The basic principle is to re-align the spine, and help the horse achieve equal standing on all 4 feet. I like to see my patients standing with “4 on the floor”.  With Mother Earth’s energy flowing up all the channels, all systems can run smoothly, and the horses’ full energy body lights up. This is why I start the Raindrop treatment with Valor on the sacrum, withers, poll, and sternum, and then on the heels of all 4 feet. Valor balances the physical and electrical energies of the body and is touted as a chiropractor in a bottle. Next a sequence of anti-viral, antimicrobial, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory oils is applied to the inside of the hind legs stimulating the spleen, liver and kidney meridians. These are the most influential meridians on the immune system and this opens the channels for easy elimination of toxins and inflammatory residues. Sometimes, especially if I am treating a respiratory condition, I apply the same oils; Thyme, Oregano, Cypress, Birch, Basil, and Peppermint to the inside of the front legs also. This will stimulate the lung and large intestine meridians.  A Tibetan acupressure technique known as Vita flex therapy is applied to the insides of the legs from the hocks or knees downward. This is also an excellent time to do fascial release work on the hocks, fetlocks and/or knees while the oils are on board.

Now we move up to the spine and drop the same oils plus Marjoram along the spine moving from the sacrum forward to the withers. The bottle is held about 6-9 inches above the spine and that is why it is called Raindrop therapy. When you get really attuned to the oils you can feel the differences in the vibration and energetic of each oil. I highly recommend you seek out someone to give you a Raindrop before you treat a horse with it. It is wonderful! A mixing oil is also applied generously over the spine to help diminish the heat of the Thyme and Oregano, and to help all of the oils to travel down the hair shaft and into the skin. This can be jojoba, grape seed, olive, almond, wheat germ, coconut oil or a combination thereof.  Aroma Seiz, the last oil is applied on either side along the paraspinal muscles so that they can relax while the spine re-arranges itself. There are a myriad of ligaments and connective tissues in between and surrounding the vertebrae. I believe these oils go deep and release tension which can be physical, chemical and emotional around the vertebral bodies. Vita flex techniques are applied to the spine and then a hot moist towel is rolled onto the back. This hot towel is the part for me that feels simply decadent! The Vita flex technique excites the tissue to heightened receptivity and encourages the tissue to shift to a healthier more balanced state. Sometimes it only takes a deep breath from the horse for the back to give way to a straighter more supple and comfortable spine. Depending on the weather a cooler or heavy blanket is placed over the hot towel to keep the heat in for 10 minutes or so. Often times I will do some soft tissue work around the head, poll and neck while the horse is “marinating” or I will do some energy work on his etheric body, or just close my eyes and meditate with him.   

 If there are toxins coming out of the spine there will be areas of raised hair that looks like hives. It is thought that many spinal misalignments and some types of scoliosis are caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi that hibernate in the spine. These raised areas may persist for 2-3 days so do not do your first raindrop before an important event like a show or parade. Also be sure the horse’s back and legs are clean so you do not create a scurfing situation. Lastly, the horses’ back must be kept out of direct sunlight for at least 8 hours after the treatment as some of the oils cause hypersensitivity with direct sunlight. Once I have taken the towel and blankets off I like to let them move around by themselves preferably in a soft sandy pen or well bedded stall so they can roll.

 I recommend a thorough evaluation of the horse before doing a Raindrop. The feet and the jaw must be balanced before a raindrop can help change a horse’s posture.  I often recommend simple postural rehabilitation stretches and exercises, myofascial releases, and gentle bodywork before and after a raindrop. If you are qualified, some chiropractic work is often appropriate but I find that the horse adjusts much more readily the day after. Quite often they are so loose that they adjust themselves with the stretches, no manipulations are necessary.  

Not only is Equine Raindrop Therapy great for sore backs, but it is fabulous for boosting the immune system. You can do just one horse in a load of say 6 or 8 that will be shipping across the country or to Canada and the other horses will all benefit from inhaling the aromas of the oils. Or, if you are at a show and the neighboring horses are coming down with influenza for example, you can raindrop your horses that are the closest to the sick ones not only to protect them, but to build a wall of defense for the rest of your barn. That is the beauty of the Raindrop, it picks up the vibration of the horse receiving it and the horses he comes in close contact with, and you, the person applying the oils gets a boost to your vitality and immunity just by touching and breathing the oils. It is a win/win situation and truly fun to do.

Dr. Heather K. Mack
Mobile: 760-447-0776



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