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We are a collective group of horse care professionals dedicated to promoting all levels of a horse’s well being. Balance is the key to well being in humans and horses. Empowering people to use their own insight and power of observation is paramount to being a good horse person. When a horse’s hooves, body, teeth and nutrition are in balance, the body’s innate intelligence can work to maintain a self perpetuating balance and therefore true wellness.

Read on for more information or come learn from us if you want a more complete understanding of the whole horse. We believe that the entire circle of influence affecting a horse's well being is important. No part is more important than the other. We find that given even just a bit of help, the horse automatically shifts toward better balance in mind, body, and spirit, because that’s how they want to be naturally.



Balanced Equine Wellness, LLC

PO Box 597 

Mountain Home, ID 83647

Phone: (760) 447-0776





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